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Because this is what it's all about.. this is the only thing that truly matters.. Too love God and serve Him through His Son Jesus Christ…. Salvation is free to us .. and my drawings and writings are free to you.. use them to the glory of God.

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Christian Cartoonist Kirk Luerhs





This is who I am

Kirk Luehrs has been a northwest artist, writer and illustrator for over 30 years. Known as Bro Kirk, he was a contract illustrator, writer and editorial cartoonist for the Oregon Journal, and the Oregonian newspapers in Portland Oregon. He wrote and illustrated the internationally syndicated cartoon strip, Pilgrims for three years. Kirk wrote and illustrated 18 books for children and young people, 12 on contract for Word Publishing Co. Waco, Texas. He has worked as an artist, art and creative director for northwest advertising agencies, and fortune 500 companies, working in both print and electronic media. He was the owner of Luehrs Advertising for ten years. In his early years his sand and oil paintings were in high demand after his shows in the San Francisco Bay area, not to mention his psychedelic and electronically flocked posters. Kirk’s interests turned to fine line pen and ink drawings for newspaper and magazine publication for a number of years after that. Creative direction took him into the commercial and advertising phase of his career. Now that the remaining chapters in his life are growing fewer he is concentrating his efforts on the subjects that delight and amuse him painting, in acrylics on canvas and watercolor papers. He draws his inspirations from the people and events around him, and his very fertile imagination.

Wow! That all sounds really keen… it is beautiful .. uh huh.. yep.. it is a totally sanitized version of the truth..  great PR copy.. but none of this started until I was thirty years old and that is not going to cut it here…you want the truth.. and . The truth is the first years of my life were exceedingly violent.. and for the most part I  loved it…

I was born on the cusp of world war two. The product of  a late term procedure designed to save the mother at the risk of the child.. the catholic hospital would not allow it so I was delivered at Brittinghams nursing home two months premature . my father packed his sea bag and was gone before my first birth day… he survived seven invasions.. and came home only once during the war. My mother had difficulties coping with his absence and would take her frustrations out on me.. I grew up with frequent whippings. On my dads return from war I got sick and spent the next five years in wheel chairs and braces. Kids are cruel and my classmates were not exception.. I learned to fight young… I was

Not allowed to cry .. I had to suck it up. My father had drug stores and ranches and I would live either in the country or in the city.  I broke horses and bucked hay, cleaned shelves in the drug store and played foot ball. I joined the service at 17 and they would not let me quit school. They sent me to the university.. by the end of the first year I had seen the dean of men twice and the president of the university once and last time I was asked to leave.. my fraternity had already  kicked me out earlier. The military was not pleased and I soon departed for south east Asia.. Now I am not going to go into any detail but I got to the Vietnam area of operation long before it was popular.. and I survived. In my travels I did what a lot of sailors do .. I drank .. fought.. and chased girls.. actually I was a raging alcoholic with very violent tendencies who could not stay out of trouble. I have been in all sorts of jails foreign and domestic .. none of them very nice.. after the service I drifted .. played hippy  Worked here and there .. saved a guys life.. did more drinking .. fighting .. drugs and .. chasing girls OD’d one night and that end the love affair with magic pills, maui wowie and acid trips

I was a sign painter and bartender and a bouncer .. I loved a lady who had died .. and

My life was going nowhere and I was fine with that.. then one morning in Stockton California I woke up with a crushing pain in my chest. Dad sent me the money to come home and see his doctor… What a sweet man … he had absolutely no bed side manner

He told me straight up that I was going to die .. my liver was so big it was crushing my heart and lung.. no hope may be three months to live.. He laid out a course of treatment to make my passing as painless as possible.. fat chance.. I was really sick.. and totally without God or Jesus Christ.. I had abandoned them years before and hated anyone who followed them. Well that was just the thing.. I abandoned God but He did not abandon me.. over the course of time God my Father and His Son Jesus Christ and I  came to terms.. I surrendered all and confessed my sins and begged for forgiveness and then

Signed the peace treaty that ended my war with God.. I figured that I could be a goody two shoes for what little time I had left.. Ha .. God has a great sense of humor.. that was thirty six years ago.. God got me through withdrawals and all the crap that goes with that healed me and gave me the golden ticket .. a second chance at this life..

So then what happened?

King James Bible
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

2 cor 5:17

I used to walk into bars and men would move away in fear.. 

Now I am just a big old teddy bear.. where I did bad things… now I try to do good..

Where I was filled with hate .. I am now filled with love.. it didn’t all come at once

But over the last thirty years.. I had a street ministry .. worked with drug addicts and alcoholics.. advised Indian tribes on drug and alcohol issues… worked suicide hot lines and counseled folks on what a walk with Jesus could do for them….  fostered nine Vietnamese children and  dealt with the gangs that tried to influence their lives..

Now with the years getting fewer and fewer I am giving whatever is left to the service of God and to those who chose to serve Him.. I am a sower of seeds and a sharpener of tools

And I am working in the fields for God to harvest ..  and walking the straight and narrow and y’all is welcome to travel along side of me on this the grandest of all adventures.

Because this is what it's all about.. this is the only thing that truly matters.. Too love God

And serve Him through His Son Jesus Christ…. Salvation is free to us .. and my drawings and writings are free to you.. use them to the glory of God.

Have happy happy forever after .. see you on the other side if not before

Knee mail God often ..

Keep laughter in your heart and in your voice..

And if you pray for rain and don’t bring an umbrella… don’t bother to hit your knees

Love you all,

Kirk,  aka bro kirk,  aka uncle, aka uncle kirk


Kirk Luehrs